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How to Get Back Into Fitness After an Injury

How to Get Back Into Fitness After an Injury

One of the worst things that can happen to any athlete or fitness fanatic is an injury. Even the smallest sprain can set you back for weeks. It can be extremely difficult to get back into the swing of things once you’ve been injured. However, you shouldn’t let one small setback stop you from staying fit and healthy. To get you back on track, here are some top tips.

Listen to Your Doctor

It can be tempting to ignore the advice of your physician, when you’re desperate to get back to the gym. If you’ve been told that it’s going to take two months to heal, then that’s how long you need to wait. Don’t try and push yourself. All that will happen is a further injury. Which means more time out of the game. It’s a good idea to schedule regular appointments so that your doctor can check your progress. You may be healing faster than anticipated. In which case, you can get back on track quicker. However, always listen to the advice of a professional. You don’t want to end up doing any further damage.

Extra Therapy

It may be a good idea to invest in extra therapy, to help speed up your recovery. It all depends on what you have been provided as part of your healing plan. Many people will visit their local chiropractors to get more treatment. They can work on problems that affect the spine, muscles, and joints. Your doctor may recommend that you also see a physiotherapist. These professionals can provide you with different techniques to help heal your injury. If you need extra therapy, then ask your doctor what you’re entitled to and which treatment is best.

Slowly Does It

You’re probably eager to rush right back into your fitness routine, as soon as the designated healing period is over. However, this can be dangerous. Again, it can cause the injury to get worse or cause further problems. Instead, you need to ease your body back into exercise. There are some great exercise techniques to aid post-injury recovery. Your doctor or physiotherapist may also give you a list of different things to try. It’s important you don’t put too much pressure on the injured area right away. It’s also imperative that you don’t work out every day for the first few weeks after recovery. Your muscles may take longer to heal than usual, so give them a longer resting period.

Mentally Prepare

The most difficult part of getting back into exercise may be psychological. Depending on the seriousness of the injury. You may be worried that something bad is going to happen again. Perhaps your injury has put you off a particular sport or exercise regime. If you want to get back on track, then you need to prepare mentally as well as physically. Reassure yourself that everything is going to be okay. You may even want to see a counsellor if you had a traumatising experience.

These top tips should make it much easier to get back into fitness, after an injury. Just make sure you don’t try to do too much too soon. Not unless you want to drag out that recovery time even more!

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