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10 Tips to Stay Healthy in Summer

10 Tips to Stay Healthy in Summer

10 Tips to Stay Healthy in Summer

Keep cool and hydrated. Drink water, at least two to four cups (16-32 ounces) at rising, and similar amounts when going out for activities and exercise. Wear water with you in a hard plastic container (more stable polycarbonate than polyethylene that leaks plastic in the water). You can also use a travel water filter. Check your local water stores or Most people need two to three liters of fluid a day, and more in hot weather or sweat and exercise. Read chapter 1 to stay healthy with food or chapter 7 of the Healthy Buyer Guide for further information on water.

While enjoying the sun and the outside, protect yourself from overexposure to sunlight by wearing a hat and using natural sunshades without excessive chemicals. Wear Aloe Vera Gel for overexposure and let an aloe plant grow in your house for any kind of combustion. The cooling and healing gel in the leaves will disturb sunburn. It works well.

Stop or start an exercise program. Aerobic activity is important to keep the heart strong and healthy. If you only work in a health club, take some time to do outdoor activities - walking, cycling, swimming or tennis. By re-connecting these activities, you will keep your body and mind in line.
Enjoy Nature's bounty - fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables at their organic best. Consuming foods that cool and light - fresh fruits, vegetable juices, raw vital salads and lots of water - feed your body for summer activities. Include a portion of protein with one or two meals. There are some light, nutritional proteins that do not require cooking. Complete most of these fruits and vegetables - nuts, seeds, Brussels sprouts, soy products, yogurt, kefir and cottage cheese. Fish and poultry can also be eaten.

Have a special summer time with your family, children and friends who enjoy the outdoors. Plan a fun trip if you can motivate and motivate for a day or longer - walking in the wild, camping, playing on the river or a few days at the ocean. Restoring our earth connections has advantages over this season, enabling you to enrich your entire life.

Relax and breathe. You worked hard. This is the season to slow down the pace and to absorb the light that stimulates your hormonal messaging center. Leave your mobile phone home or take a week out of the tv. In many European countries, most of the population has one month free in summer.

Suns are amazing. Use flowers and leaves (or teabags) in a clear or liter glass jar, filled with spring water. Hibiscus or red clover flowers, peppermint, chamomile or lemongrass are all good choices, or use local herbs and flowers that you learn safely, tasty and even medicine. Leave the sun for two hours or a whole day. Moon tea can also be made to improve your moon's dreamy side by leaving your spices steep in the cool, mystical moonlight. Add a little orange or lemon peel, or a sprig of rosemary and a few jasmine flowers.

Nutritional supplements can help you with a greater amount of physical energy, improving your summer activities. The vitamins B complexes calm down the nervous system and help produce cellular energy while vitamin C and the other antioxidants protect your body from stress, chemical pollutants and the biochemical by-products of the exercise. Useful summer herbs are Siberian ginseng as energy tonic and stress protector, dong quai is a tonic for women, hawthorn berries are good for heart, and licorice root will help balance energy and digestion.

Use the summer months to deepen the mental awakening that began in the spring. Start by consulting your local bookstore or the web for ideas that interest you. Plan a vacation that contains these new interests and gives you time to read, relax, consider and breathe.

Above all, give yourself time to truly experience nature. This can happen even in a city park, if you are relaxing and coming around. When traveling, take activities for the family and your first aid kit for bites, bees and injuries. Check for chicks after your walks. Check for overexposure, take time in the shade and drink your water.

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